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TAC-SKY U94 PELTO 6-pin PTT For PRC-152/PRC-148 6-pin Connector Adapter Military Radios (U94 6pinPTT)

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Push-To-Talk system connects military headsets to Dummy Radio Case PRC-148 & PRC-152.

Model:U94 6-pin connector ptt, suitable for Dummy Radio Case PRC-148 & PRC-152

Colour: Black

Packing size: 12x17x4cm

Package weight: 0.145kg

The high quality of the earphone PTT ensures that the plug is firm. The clip on the back is firmly fixed, and the effect is very good because of the good quality. Easy to install and operate.

It is made of high-quality ABS material, has a unique 6-pin design, and has simpler installation steps for the PRC-148 & PRC-152.

The clip of this tactical headset adapter has a good bite force, can hold your belt tightly, and will not easily fall off when moving.

Compliant with the military standard version, the tactical headset adapter is easy to use.

The ideal cable length will not hinder you.

The installation is simple, first align the 2 red dots, and then press and rotate to make it compact with the Dummy Radio Case PRC-148 & PRC-152.

6-pin PTT for TAC-SKY, ZTAC and other tactical headphones

If it is for the original 3M PELTOR headset, you need to make some adjustments. Please contact us.