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TAC-SKY Tactical Helmet rail Adapter for COMTAC II III Tactical Headset Airsoft(1pair)

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The rail adapter can be used for FAST helmets, ACH helmets, MICH helmets and other helmets with ARC rails on the side.

This ARC helmet rail adapter can rotate 360°, and the length can be adjusted by a telescopic bracket.
The rail adapter is installed behind the side of the helmet ARC rail, allowing more space to install accessories such as tactical flashlights or cameras.
The shape of the bracket is ergonomic and fits the ears and face, making the headset feel more natural and comfortable during exercise
When the headset are not in use, the earmuffs can be rotated and folded to the side or back of the helmet.
The rail adapter is easy to install and adjust, and it can make you more comfortable when wearing headset. It is very suitable for airsoft, hunting, noise prevention and other scenes.

Product packaging:

A pair of ARC helmet adapter brackets