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TAC-SKY Tactical Headset Bluetooth 3.5mm plug PTT Adapter & U-174 NATO/Military to Civilian Wiring Adapter For Sordin/Howard/TAC300

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This PTT enables users to make phone calls, listen to music or interact with other devices through a tactical headset.
  When listening to music, you can use the function buttons on the PTT for next song, fast forward function. If you need to make a call to your cell phone, just point your mouth at the part of the button box to talk to the other person.
  This PTT has a 3.5mm plug and works with headphones such as the TAC500, Sodin, Walker's Razor, and Howard.
  This PTT utilizes a U194 plug and is capable of being used with the usual COMTA, AMP and sodin series tactical headsets.

Powered by a single 123A battery with a life of up to 48 hours.


Packing List

1*Bluetooth PTT box

1*3.5mm plug connection line



Power on your headset and connect the Bluetooth PTT box to your headset via the 3.5mm plug connector cable.

 Long press the power button on the front to switch on.

Link the extension cable to your phone's Bluetooth

You can connect a call by pressing the power button.The PTT box has a built-in microphone you can speak into the PTT box to make a call.

When listening to music, you can press the connect button on the side to advance to the next song.