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TAC-SKY RAC Tactical Headset Communica Pickup Noise Reduction for Fast Helmet ARC Rail Adapter Tactical High-cut Headset RAC PTT

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Note: This headset is a civilian version only compatible with the civilian version of PTT, (not compatible with the military version of PTT)

1. The guide rail adapter supports FAST series helmets, ACH helmets, MICH helmets and other helmets with ARC guide rails on the side;

2. Sound pickup and noise reduction (install 2 AAA dry batteries, not included);

3. The functions different from other earphones are: indoor and outdoor modes (dual mode is established) to switch freely and quickly according to the environment, strengthen hearing protection, and improve body feeling;

4. One-piece silicone earmuffs -- the sealing and comfort are more significant;

5. The configured microphone can be switched left and right, humanized design;

6. The configured RAC PTT--2-pin Kenwood plug is compatible with Baofeng UV5R/UV82 walkie-talkies or walkie-talkies with Kenwood jacks.

The product contains:

English manual*1

RAC Tactical Headset*1


Reminder: This product does not include a helmet