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TAC-SKY Gel Ear Pads Upgrade ver. for MSA SORDIN/TCI Liberator Series Tactical Headsets,Replacement Ear Cups,Ear Cushion

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This ear pads is designed for use with Sordin/TCI Liberator Series hearing protection headphones.Great replacement for your worn-out or lost ear pads.
These ear pads have an extra waterproof rubber ring compared to normal ear pads, so there is no fear of rain seeping into the headphones even when it rains.
We have used a high quality silicone material for these earmuffs. The slow rebound effect provides you with the highest level of comfort. Your ears will not feel pain even after prolonged use.
The gel material is effective in reducing the disturbance of external environmental noise. It protects your hearing from damage caused by loud noises and thus protects your hearing health.


Material:Silica gel