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TAC-SKY C3 Tactical Headset Noise-canceling airsoft protective gear with microphone and kenwoodPTT

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This product is suitable for airsoft, hunting, working in a noisy environment and various other scenarios.

The headphone have noise reduction and sound amplification.

Can be such as explosions, too loud gunfire and other harmful noise filtering, so as to protect your ears.

The sound of footsteps and other subtle ambient sounds will be amplified, making it easier for you to search and confirm the vicinity.

Compared to C2 has been upgraded, C3's headset chip uses a new dynamic noise reduction technology, making the noise reduction effect more significant.

Also personalized optimization, the microphone position can be changed left and right according to your needs.


Material of headset: ABS plastic

Applicable head circumference: ≤70CM

Material of Earmuffs: Silicone 

Horn type: High fidelity dynamic loudspeaker

Frequency response: 100Hz - 20000Hz

Battery: 2 x AAA batteries

Product dimensions: 20*15*10cm

Product weight: 425g


List of packages:

1 * TAC-SKY Tactical Headset

1 * Cloth pouch

2 * Battery lid

1 * User manual (English)




Choose the military version if you need to use the original peltorPTT (not a replica).

If this is not the case, please choose the civilian version.