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TAC-SKY C3 Tactical Headset Helmet Rail Adapter Version Noise Cancelling Headphones With U94 PTT Airsoft Hunting

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Earphone material: ABS plastic

Ear cup material: silicone

MIC type: detachable microphone

Plug type: military standard 7.0mm plug

Noise cancellation: active electronic noise cancellation

Pickup adjustment: increase or decrease / + & -

Sound amplification: up to 4 times

Batteries: 2 AAA batteries (not included)


1. helmet type - different from the classic airsoft headset, helmet type headset can be mounted directly on the helmet. If you want to modify your headband headset, you can reduce a lot of steps.

2. High strength material - The plug wire is made of ABS plastic and TEP cap, which is tensile, strong and frost resistant, not easy to age and harden.

3. Silicone ear cups - The ear cups are made of silicone instead of ordinary sponge. Therefore, these earmuffs have higher elasticity and firmness, and the ears are more comfortable.

4. Chip protection - The chip of C3 headphones is well protected by a thin film layer, which has higher defense against mold, dust and moisture.

5.The rail adapter for this mount is ARC OPS helmet rail, which is suitable for FAST series helmets, ACH series helmets, MICH helmets.



Choose the military version if you need to use the original peltorPTT (not a replica).

If this is not the case, please choose the civilian version.