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TAC-SKY C2 Electronic Noise Canceling Headphones, Airsoft Hunting Hearing Protection Sound Amplifier

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The powerful noise reduction function and sound amplification function of C2 earphones, coupled with the new track adapter to bring you a full range of real experience

Noise reduction function: automatically reduce gunshots, explosions and other sounds to protect your hearing. In terms of sound, footsteps are amplified, making it easier for you to find enemies and hunting.

Tactical helmet rail suspension: The new tactical helmet rail is installed at the back of the Ops-Core ARC rail. The top of the rail can be freely installed with lights, cameras and other accessories. The bracket has also been reinforced to make it more stable when used on the helmet.

Easy to adjust the position of the earmuffs: the bracket assembly on the earmuffs can be adjusted 360° to better fit and seal the unique shape of the user's ears and head.

Gel Earpads: The earmuffs are made of silicone material and 0.3mm Tpu cover, which is softer. The gel kit will make you not feel uncomfortable even if you wear tactical earpads for a long time.

Noise reduction: Using electronic active noise reduction and sound pickup technology, these noise reduction headphones can provide clearer and natural sound. Note: Please press the + and-keys at the same time to turn on the headset.

Packing list:

1 * TAC-SKY tactical headset
1 * cloth bag
1 * U94 Kenwood PTT connector
1 * D buckle
1 * Long holder
1 * short holder
2 * battery covers
1 * User Manual (English)




Choose the military version if you need to use the original peltorPTT (not a replica).

If this is not the case, please choose the civilian version.